Do you concur with our pioneer mindset ? Are you passionate about new technologies ? Are you pragmatic and able to understand the performance need of our clients, but know how to be fun and creative ? Don’t hesitate to join us !


Integrating a team passionate and competent in their field, bold and trying to innovate constantly.

Never doing the same thing, evolve every day in the world of different brands, always use your creativity differently.

Discovering the fascinating universe of virtual reality and new technologies, understand the modifications they bring on our economy and everyday life.

Having prospects to evolve in an enterprise with a strong potential, already been tested in its years of existence.

Working in an enterprise that listens to your expectations, and cares that everyone does what they like.


I did an internship with Diakse for my first professional experience and I was not disappointed ! I discovered the business world in a stimulating environment and contributed to the best of my abilities ! With Julien and his teams the drive is here, and there are no limits to what we can bring.
Working with Diakse, it's blossoming professionaly et having the possibility to try everything in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I found my place right away in a kind and solid team.
I tried everything during my internship and I learnt a lot on the different business jobs. It is very stimulating to work for a solution with a big potential and with people who have a bold, innovative and caring mindset.
After six months of particularly stimulating coding, with many hackatons, Diakse offered me a doctoral thesis. I am now at the center of the R&D and explore the futur boutiques behavioral analysis.
An enterprise that lets you work in an internship on projects for LVMH and AXA, it's rare, thank you for trusting me !
Working with Diakse has been a real pleasure. I was pleased throughout my internship as an ingineer : I couldn't have dreamed for a better first experience as a web developer. The team was very welcoming and good at explaining, which allowed me to progress tremendously.
During my time among the Diakse team, I got to work with professionals. The team is very creative and resourceful which showed me that you have to communicate and take on multiple projects to reap the rewards of your work.
Working in a team where we are always encouraged to try new things, where research and creativity are valued, it's what made my internship with Diakse a rewarding experience which allowed me to be trained in a kind and enjoyable environment.
I had the chance to work with Diakse during my end of studies internship. It allowed me to improve my skills very quickly in a motivated and motivating team. It was very stimulating to try many fields, and have responsabilities very soon. It is the best way to be trained.


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