Pourquoi choisir notre solution de e-commerce ? h1>

Choose an innovating solution for your clients by standing out from your competition

Boost your clients sales and guarantee their satisfaction with the help of the DIAKSE solution

Improve your turnover with the commercialization of our licence

We accompany you from the firsts view points of the boutique to its launch on the website of your client

Comment ça marche ? h1>

1/ You imagine a concept in agreement with your clients and their wishes, that will differentiate them from their competitors. This universe could be inspired by an already existing boutique or by your imagination. You can also choose from our available environments.

2/ You create an e-commerce website with the technology you are used to (WordPress, PrestaShop or other).

3/ You select the products to integrate in the virtual boutique and connect it to the 2D website with one of our plug-ins.

And Voilà !

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