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How do you create a 3D boutique ? To create it, is it possible to build a place, decorations and other elements from synthesis images or do you have to start from real objects?

We can work from a boutique completely in 3D if you already have one, otherwise we can create it and it’s very expensive (about 10 000£ minimum for a good quality decoration). We don’t advise it; our experience has shown that customers need to navigate in a real place and that customers eye is very trained now. Unfortunately, a customer that will perceive the place as completely virtual will doubt the reality of the products as well, and the sales will not be as considerable as in a real place. That is why, after multiple tries with synthesis images, we finally developed our technology from 360° photography.

With a real place (any place that you know or one that we can pick together) we can create a charming story and scenery for your boutique. For example, we can use an appartement, a house, an existing boutique, a museum, everything is possible !


How can I use my virtual boutique and link it to my social media ?

Our virtual boutiques can be integrated like YouTube videos. To do so, all of our projects have 2 URLs :

  • A private URL to communicate with our customers and test the modifications done to our boutiques, for example,
  • A public URL to put it on your website, for example,

The private URL can be protected by a password and login if you wish.

Afterwards, it is very simple to make our virtual boutiques available on every platform connected to the internet :


OPTION 1 – Using the URL directly

We can open the virtual boutique with a click on a button or an image and adding the URL in the “onclick” of the button or image.

We can open the virtual boutique with a short video teaser that we supply to our customer once the project is done and adding the URL in the “onclick” of the video.


OPTION 2 – We can open them from a social media post

We just have to link the post to the URL supplied at the delivery of the project.


OPTION 3 – Integrating the virtual boutique directly on our customer’s website

It is possible to integrate it directly on our customers website with an iframe tag.

Here is the code for it :

<iframe width= »560″ height= »315″ src= » » frameborder= »0″ allow= »accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture » allowfullscreen></iframe>


When our customers have difficulties or to avoid them additional costs, we offer to integrate the virtual boutique on their website ourselves, for free. To do so we need their access code (host, login, and password) to their server FTP on which their website is hosted.

How can I add or remove products in my virtual boutique ?

For example, when I receive pictures from my suppliers, do I send them to you and you integrate them in the virtual boutique, as if the products were really there ?

Yes, exactly, the subscription mentioned earlier includes the fact that we add/remove up to 100 products per year. Generally, our customers have 2 collections per year, every 6 months.

To do this, do you need normal photos of the products ? Or your photograph takes photos of them ?

Yes, we just need a few photos of your products taken with a good quality phone camera. That is the perk of our patented technology software, from a few photos, we can position your products anywhere in the virtual boutique.

As soon as the website and the virtual boutique are ready, does Diakse handle the maintenance of the virtual boutique ?


Yes, it’s hosted in one of our servers et we ensure its maintenance in the initial operating conditions.

About that, all of our updates are done automatically on your boutique and are tested by us before implementation.

Our solution is hosted by our servers in 2 different suppliers. As such, if one of our suppliers shuts down, which can happen, we can transfer on the other one and guarantee a continuity of our services from 1 hour to 72 hours (depending on the chosen option). This solid infrastructure was put in place for well-known enterprises for which the financial issue of a one-hour shutdown is very important. Our quotations include a maintenance “classic” in 72 hours, but other options can be considered.

In the last 5 years, we have only had 2 shutdowns (the hosts that we use (OVH, Microsoft, IONOS) put in place secure rebound systems). In the 2 shutdowns, even if our contract granted us an extended time period, we transferred in less than 2 hours towards the backup structure after identification of the problem.

Where can I find your Legal Notices and your privacy policy ?


You can find them in these pages :

Legal Notices

Privacy Policy

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