Argellies RP : Improve your visibility with a virtual showroom

Argellies helps its customers go digital with DIAKSE!

Argellies RP

Argellies RP, the marketing and press relations agency, gives visibility to the brands it represents among the media and influencers. Today, the agency showcases its brands in a virtual showroom inspired by their Paris showroom.


products in the virtual showroom


brands displayed


of differentiation

The Argellies RP project

Context and objectives

Argellies RP wanted to broaden its reach to improve the visibility of its customers. To achieve this, the Paris-based agency called on DIAKSE's virtual showroom solution, which enables brands to be promoted in an immersive environment.


This virtual showroom was made to facilitate the discovery of the brands : the products are displayed in sections to discover them all, catalogues are also avalaible and can be downloaded from the virtual showroom. All while visiting the "digital twin" created from the actual Argellies showroom in Paris.



3D visualisation of contextualised products.

A reinvented, original and differentiating experience.