Blanc d'Ivoire : The essential prospecting tool : the virtual showroom

Blanc d'Ivoire entrusts DIAKSE again for their third virtual showroom !

Blanc d'Ivoire
Blanc d'Ivoire
Blanc d'Ivoire is a french brand of high end interior decoration, softness and warmth makes the diversity of genres the brand's trademark and makes interior decoration noble again. Blanc d'Ivoire imagines a new language by revisiting the classics with a modern and elegant touch, making place for a new trend.


agents and salespersons use the virtual showroom


It’s already the 3rd season where we present this virtual collection


of differentiation

Le projet Blanc d'Ivoire

Context and objectives

Blanc d'Ivoire wanted to showcase the elegance of their products for the third time in a virtual showroom made by DIAKSE in the image of the brand. By using the virtual showroom as a prospecting and communication tool the brand exceeds all its commercial potential.

The creation

To be able to show as many products as possible in the virtual showroom, DIAKSE's solution was to make sections with products from the same range, this way we can visualize all the products of one range at once. The decor is inspired by an existing boutique of Blanc d'Ivoire, showing multiple decorated and contextualized rooms.


The results

3D visualisation of contextualised products.

A reinvented, original and differentiating experience.