Audrey Alexandre : My virtual boutique on WordPress, Shopify,...

Audrey Alexandre wished to showcase their savoir-faire and offer an original purchase experience and make it accessible to many people. 

Audrey Alexandre is an independant high-end, made in France hand-bag designer, who commercialises her creations to international customers. The enteprise based in Quimper wanted to have the atmosphere of a Parisian flat.


More trafic


More time spent in the boutique than on the website


differentiation compared to competing websites

The project Audrey Alexandre

Context and objectives

Audrey Alexandre is a 100% digitalise Maison. To give consistency to this Maison that creates high-end products. Diakse's virtual boutique solution was necessary to recreate this atmosphere and an immersive purchase experience. We were able to create a leather goods virtual boutique.

The creation

To create this leather goods virtual boutique, We inspired ourselves of a Parian flat that we reinveted in a baroque style. The clients can as such discover the new collection in an inspiring and elegant place.


The results

This virtual boutique sublimates the online purchase axperience,

3D visualisation of contextualised products.

A reinvented, original and differentiating purchase experience,