For the launch of their new insurance contract, Axa wanted to show the different options it proposes.

La compagnie d’assurance Axa, propose toute sorte de contrat d’assurance, aujourd’hui elle se tourne vers les innovations technologique avec Diakse.


Increase in generated leads compared to the website's 2D version


Of customer satisfaction


More options subscribed

Le projet Axa

Context and objectives

For the new house insurance contract, Axa proposes different options and wanted to present them to their customers in a ludic way. The Diakse solution was necessary for an immersive, unique and ludic experience.

The creation

For this virtual visit it was important to make sure that the customer could project themselves. A beautiful house was selected and modified with Diakse's technology.


The results

A realistic visualisation of the options,

A reinvented, original and differentiating experience,

Increase in leads and decrease by 2 of the generated lead's price.