Project : D4PACK : Virtual showroom : a powerful tool in a niche market

Equip yourself with a powerful tool for a niche market : The virtual showroom

D4PACK, the leader in screen printing on glass bottles and cans showcase their expertise in a virtual showroom.


of differentiation


more interactions than on a 2D web site


products displayed in the virtual showroom

The project D4PACK

Context and objectives

The challenge was to show the expertise and the different types of screen printing on cans. DIAKSE's solution : a virtual showroom, it’s useful to contextualize the products and have detailed information on the different types of screen printing.
In a niche market, small structures like this one, now have the possibility to reach their targeted clients internationally thanks to this tool.

The creation

This virtual showroom was made in this image of a brewery to contextualize the cans. Personalized product detail sheets are associated to the cans with a detailed description of the screen-printing type and a contact button.


The results

An ultra realistic experience with visualisation of contextualised products.