Project : Darty

Darty organised a contest on social media for the launch of the Colorado kitchen.

Darty proposes electrical appliances, electronic devices and cultural products. The new Colorado kitchen, contains rounded furniture without handles in multiple shades.


More trafic


More time spent in the virtual kitchen


differentiation compared to competing websites

Le projet Darty

Context and objectives

Darty organised a contest for the customers who bought a version of the colorado kitchen, the winner had the chance to see their kitchen in virtual reality on Darty's website. Diakse's virtual showroom solution was necessary to present the winner's kitchen with multiple presentation options.

The creation

To create this virtual kitchen, Diakse's technology enabled the visualisation of multiple options like changing the cupboard's color, seing how the cupboard's door open and an option to turn on the lights of the kitchen are included.


The results

 Ultra realistic experience with the visualisation of the different color options.

 A reinvented, original and differentiating purchase experience,

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