Musée Grévin

Grévin Paris wanted to showcase the wax sculptures beauty and realism by creating this virtual visit.

The Grévin Museum, known for its wax scuptures of celebrities, proposes a private booking inside the Museum. This virtual visit is a sneak preview of what is wating for you in this visit.


More trafic


differentiation compared to competing museums


increase in sales

The project Grévin Museum

Context and objectives

The Grévin Museum and its wax sculptures attracts thousands of visitors per year. For this vitual visit, the museum wanted to showcase the beauty, the high quality and the high definition of the images, as well as the wax celebrity doubles that are exhibited. The Diakse solution was necessary to show the beauty of the Museum through high defenition images.

The creation

To create this virtual visit, the decor of the Grévin Museum was photographed in different angles thanks to Diakse's patented technology we were able to remodel the decor and have different atmospheres, as well as the possibility to add and remove certain wax sculptures, allowing a unique visit of the museum.


The results

Contextualised private booking services,

An increased trafic by inserting this virtual showroom in the services proposed by the Museum.