Christofle : The new collection, unveiled to a boutique network

For the launch of their future collections Christofle wanted to direct towards the future by proposing an immersive et innovating experience to their collaborators.

Christofle, Silversmith Master since 1830, creates refined jewellery et house accesories. Their calling is to make the art of sharing a real art of living, and continuously reinvent today and tomorrow's conviviality.


More time spent on the boutique

> 1 mois

to make the boutique


differentiation compared to competing websites

The project Christofle

Context and objectives

Christofle had already tested this technology with a virtual visit and wanted to go further with a virtual showroom to present their products to their collaborators. It's why the Silversmith Master called upon Diakse to create a virtual boutique allowing an innovating and efficient B2B exchange.

The creation

This virtual boutique was made as a cosy apartment overhanging Paris’s rooftop, the scenery is a remodeling of boutiques to showcase the collections. The latest innovation of Diakse inserted to Christofle's virtual showroom is the possibility to contact a representative of the Maison in visio-conference for a guided experience.


The results

An ultra realistic experience with visualisation of contextualised products,

A reinvented, original and differentiating experience.