Mathilde M : The BtoB and BtoC virtual showrooms under one roof

Give the ultimate international prospection tool to your field agents and salespersons : The virtual showroom.

Mathilde M
It’s the end of paper catalogs and other tedious IPad for your orders. Our software equips your fleet of salespersons with a modern tool to help them sale.


agents and salespersons use the virtual showroom


It’s already the 3rd season where we present this virtual collection


is the number of products displayed

The project Mathilde M

Context and objectives

DIAKSE’s solution allows a contextualization of the showroom all while giving to your customers and prospects a digital and immersive experience. Give them the will to discover your products and to know more with our virtual showrooms. Mathilde M understood that, it’s already the third season where we present this collection in a virtual showroom.

The creation

The range features linked to your ERP complete ideally the showroom and allows them to directly generate quotations and orders or manage the restocking of the stores and boutiques. This new technology adopted by the most prestigious brands also allows the standardization of your merchandising and the respect by your network of boutiques of your contextualization recommendations.

No longer need to travel abroad : From now on your virtual showroom is accessible online with a protected login and password that can also be useful to prospect in Visio and directly invite your customers inside your showroom.


The results

3D visualisation of contextualised products.

A reinvented, original and differentiating purchase experience,