Philippe Hurel : Showcase your expertise

The Philippe Hurel Maison innovates with Diakse for their new collection.

Philippe Hurel
Philippe Hurel
The Philippe Hurel Maison creates high quality furniture, their new collection inspired by nature and its reinvented elements is the result of a plural creativity between the creative studio of Philippe Hurel Maison and multiple designers, lead by Terrence Mesguich, artistic director : Pierre Gonalons, Anthony Guerrée and Allen Kirsch.

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The project Philippe Hurel

Context and objectives

For their 2021 collection, Philippe Hurel entrusted Diakse to create a virtual showroom in the image of the Maison, which attests of the originality of the Maison's collection and their expertise. DIAKSE’s solution makes it possible to see the Philippe Hurel Maison's furtinure contextualized and organized in an inspiring and welcoming space.

The creation

This virtual showroom was created in the image of the Philippe Hurel Parisian boutique, which spreads on two floors and makes it possible to see the furniture of the new collection in an atmosphere of their own. You can also be accompanied by a representative of the Maison in a video conference in the virtual showroom.


The results

An ultra realistic experience with visualisation of contextualised products,

A reinvented, original and differentiating purchase experience,