TATA STEEL: when one of the world's largest companies calls on DIAKSE

Created for shareholders and all the company's 32,000 employees, this incredible discovery of the TATA empire is a compendium of the best features deployed by DIAKSE.

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the number of scenes to discover

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100% Immersive

The TATA STEEL project

Context and objectives

For the second time, India's largest company calls on DIAKSE for its virtual showrooms. Objective: to make the publication of the Annual Report exciting and differentiating.


When the Virtual Showrooms take us to India, it's to introduce you to one of the world's largest metallurgical companies: Tata Steel.

Building on their initial experience, TATA's teams use the best of DIAKSE's virtual showroom technologies :

  • - Multimedia content inserts,
  • - 3D animation,
  • - Graphic visualization of financial documents,
  • - Discovering unusual places,
  • - Team presentations,

And much more...



What could be “very boring”, the Annual Report, becomes, thanks to the Virtual Showroom, an unprecedented experience of discovery and immersion in places that are by turns unusual and surprising.